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KE Orchestra Performs at Refugee Shelter, Buffalo School

Kenmore East Orchestra students perform at the Vive Refugee Shelter
On Wednesday, December 12, Kenmore East High School Orchestra students performed a holiday concert at the Vive Refugee Shelter in Buffalo. The students provided some holiday cheer by playing holiday music during the residents' dinner. Students also organized a toiletries donation drive to benefit the shelter, and were able to donate toiletry items to the shelter as part of their visit. This was the second year the Kenmore East Orchestra students performed for the residents of the shelter.
Kenmore East Orchestra students perform at Buffalo School #32
Two days later, on Friday, December 14, the Kenmore East Orchestra students took a field trip to Buffalo Public School #32, Bennett Park Montessori, to perform a holiday concert. The students performed pieces from their upcoming winter concert for the students of the K-8 school. Percussion students from the Kenmore East Band joined the orchestra on the performance. Kenmore East Orchestra teacher Laura Jay attended Bennett Park Montessori as a student, making the visit a very special one for all involved.