The Value of Writing

Posted by Kristen Carroll on 3/25/2009 9:00:00 AM

The Buffalo News published an article discussing the mixed messages students are getting about the skill of writing.  One of the quotes in the article states, “The 21st century work force will be all about writing and numeracy.  You have to be able to articulate thoughts, in words.  And you have to be numerate…With those two ingredients, everything is possible.”  However, teens are feeling a bit conflicted about writing, as they are hearing a mixed message about it.  Parents and teachers and even the new SAT place value on learning writing skills.  However, many colleges and universities simply disregard the SAT writing score because it is not a helpful gauge as to how good at writing an individual is.  How can we as educators help students understand the value of writing, in an age where texting, emails, and instant messaging have changed the way students view what “good” writing is and value writing skills for future careers?


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