Class Expectations


                                       “Committed to developing knowledgeable, principled, and compassionate young adults”



Teacher Name:

Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Van Dewater


Telephone Number Extension:

(716) 874-8401 (Extension:  21349 or 21407 for Mrs. Fisher)

Course Name:

English 10

Extended Learning /Extra Help Opportunities:

Monday - Thursday (2:40-3:15PM)

Final Examination Date:

June 2017


Course Description:

English 10 will be comprised of reading and writing in various mediums and forms. We will focus on various genres of literature including short stories, film, novel, plays, poetry and other non-fiction informational texts. We will incorporate all of the Common Core Learning Standards for English throughout the year, including:


Shift 1

Balancing Informational & Literary Texts

Shift 2

Knowledge in the Disciplines

Shift 3

Staircase of Complexity

Shift 4

Text-based Answers

Shift 5

Writing from Sources

Shift 6

Academic Vocabulary


Units of Study (including but not limited to):

Short story unit

Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose

Monster by Walter Dean Myers

I Beat the Odds by Michael Oher

Career Exploration Research Project

Close Reading Unit


Various non-fiction articles


Academic Expectations:

All students are expected to strive for Mastery level learning (85% or higher) in all of their courses and on all of their examinations. 

The New York State Education Department benchmark for College and Career Readiness is:

  • A score of 75% or higher on the English Language Arts Regents Examinations and
  • A score of 80% or higher on one of the Regents Mathematics Examinations


Required Text / Materials:

Please have the following supplies for English class:






Grading Policy:

You will be graded on a Total Points based grade.  For all of the assignments, each will have a certain point value that will go towards the total points for the marking period.  We will take the total points you have earned and divide the number by the total points possible to get your grade.  For example:


Total points earned = 950

Total points possible = 1200


950/1200 = 79%


The categories you will be graded on are:

  • Tests
  • Quizzes
  • Homework
  • Major Writing Assignments
  • Participation





1.      BE Prompt

2.      BE Prepared

3.      BE Polite

4.      BE Productive

5.      BE Positive

6.      BE PROUD!



Ticket Reward System:

You are expected to be to class on time and to try your best.  For every day that you come to class on time, you will be given a ticket to add to your envelope.  For every grade that you achieve that is an 85 or better, you will also be given a ticket to add to your envelope.  Once you get a certain amount of tickets, you can turn them in for various things in our prize bin. 


Cell Phone and Electronics Policy:

There is NO using cell phones or electronics during class, unless Mrs. Fisher or Mrs. Van Dewater give you permission to do so.  If you do not have permission and you are using them, we will have to confiscate them for the rest of the class period.  After the first offense, we will take them for the rest of the day.  You must then stay after school with us until 3:30, at which time your phone will be returned to you.


After School:

We will both be available on most days after school to gladly help you with any work that you need help with.  Also, if you violate any of the above rules, you may be asked to stay after school for detention, until 3:15.


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