Class Syllabus

IB English HL2


Mrs. Van Dewater


Before We Begin:


I applaud your decision to take on the rigors of IB. Congratulations on making it to the second year of IB English!  I am excited to share this experience with you!


                                    IB Assessments This Year


Name of Course Section



Percentage Weight Towards IB Diploma

Who’s Grading This?


Detailed Study:


3 texts from an IB list which are all from a different genre






12th Grade



1st Semester


Individual Oral Commentary and Discussion (IOC)


20 minutes=


10 minute formal oral commentary on poetry studied in this semester




10 minute discussion of one other work from this semester














Your KW Teacher


(moderated by IB)


Genre Study:


4 texts from an IB list which are all from the same genre







12th Grade


2nd Semester

Two Exam “Papers”


  Paper 1: Guided literary analysis


Paper 2: Three questions for each literary genre.


In response to one question students write an essay based on at least two works studied this semester





















IB Only


How You Will Be Graded:


Your KW course grade will be computed as follows: 


90% = Formal essays, in-class writing, creative writing, group work, projects, quizzes


10% = Class Participation (be here, on time, with materials, work during work time,

            discuss during discussion time, hand work in on time, etc.)


Late Work:  I will only accept late work one day past the due date, and will deduct 10% off of your grade. This includes computer problems.  Plan ahead! If there is ever a time where you have printing issues, email me your                                assignment the day it is due to avoid the late penalty.  No work will be accepted after one day past the due date.  Sorry.


Final Exam:


In lieu of a traditional final exam, your final exam grade will consist of your grades from the Individual Oral Commentary (40%) and the Written Response Paper (60%). This grade will be curved to what I call KW Honors Standards, not international standards.   In other words, your final exam grade will not be the same as the score you get from IB.  It will, in most cases, be higher.  


Texts We Will Read This Year:


1st Semester:              The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

                                    Poetry of Seamus Heaney          

                                    Essays and Letters from Martin Luther King, Jr.


2nd Semester:             The Crucible by Arthur Miller

(Drama)                     Hamlet by William Shakespeare

                                  The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

                                   Buried Child by Sam Shepard 


Rule #1: 


Don’t freak out! You’ve already made it through one year, so this year should be a breeze!  Avoid wasting time worrying and procrastinating, and simply do the best you can.  Make a conscious choice to enjoy the year (as much as school can be enjoyable).


Please contact me whenever you need anything.  I’m happy to help, even at the last minute.  Best of luck!



Mrs. Van Dewater