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Country Star Jessie Chris Visits Franklin Middle

Jessie Chris and student Michael Bly  Jessie Chris and student Ella Norris

Jessie Chris with Franklin Middle School students Michael Bly and Ella Norris

Jessie Chris, a country music star who was named a Billboard Artist to Watch in 2018, visited Franklin Middle School in December with the help of Devin's Message to spread her anti-bullying message, share her recent children's book, and perform her award-winning music.

Devin's Message is a local foundation named in honor of the late Devin Kurzdorfer. It is dedicated to helping children overcome bullying and build self-esteem. In partnership with Devin's Message, Jessie Chris came to Franklin Middle School to tell the story of how she was bullied and how she eventually overcame it. Her music is a testament to her beliefs that we should go out of our way to treat others with kindness and to never stop believing in yourself when you follow your dreams.

Following her talk, Jessie played three songs for the audience and then stayed to sign autographs for her newest fans. She left students with three rules: 1) When you see someone different, say, "You're awesome"; 2) Ignore the bullies; and 3) Don't ever doubt yourself in pursuing your dreams and keep pushing.


Jessie Chris on stage in packed Franklin Middle auditorium