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Lindbergh Elementary Promotes Friendship With 'Friendship Tree'

Friendship Tree  Snowman cut-out with friendship message written on it

At Lindbergh Elementary School, one of the ways the staffpromotes leadership and citizenship among students is by promoting strong character skills. Each month, a new character trait is featured, and activities are incorporated to promote this trait. December’s theme is "Friendship."

Each student was given a cut-out shape to write a friendship message on, decorate, and hang on the school's Friendship Tree near the front office.

On the daily announcements, three or four friendship entries are selected and shared. The tree reminds the students every day to be a good friend, and they enjoy hearing the kind messages each morning.

Decorative hat at the top of the tree with the words "Friendship Tree"

The school social worker teaches a monthly character trait lesson to each class which aligns with the New York State Social Emotional Learning Standards. Students also complete an activity at home that demonstrates how they have practiced the trait of the month. Next month, the theme is "Fairness."