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Kenmore East to host "East Side" Orchestra Event on April 12th

Orchestra students hold a rehearsal before a concert

On Wednesday, April 12th, Kenmore East will hold a special event called the "East Side" Orchestra Concert in the school's auditorium. The show will begin at 6:30 p.m.

This first-time event will feature orchestra students from Kenmore East High School, Franklin Middle, Franklin Elementary, and Edison Elementary. Directors will include Miss Mergler, Miss Regan, Miss Ruth, & Mrs. Jay.

Below you'll find tonight's program:

Breakbeat by Doug Spata

Spark of Courage by Doug Spata

Night Shift by Richard Meyer

A-Flat arranged by Larry Moore

To Tame The Raging Rapids by Brian Balmages

Tango Espressivo by Matt Turner

Kashmir by Page, Plant & Bonham/arr. Tim McCarrick

The Lost Tomb by Sean O’Loughlin

Serenade by Franz Schubert

Burst! by Brian Balmages

Etüde Nr. 4 by David Popper

Beethoven’s Ninth by Beethoven/arr. Lavendar

D Major Scale

Misty Fjord by Norwegian Folk Song

Bile ‘Em Cabbage Down arr. by Dabczynski and Phillips

Finale to William Tell Overture by Rossini/arr. Sandra Dackow