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3/6/24: Message for Franklin Elementary & Middle School Families

Franklin Families:

We wished to share additional details regarding today’s Hold-in-Place due to significant misinformation that may be circulating among students and families.

Please note that the injury which occurred today was minor and treatable by medical professionals. Police officers arrived only to accompany and assist medical responders per normal procedure. No weapons were involved.

Normally, we would not provide additional clarification such as this regarding a student injury, but we wished to provide additional details due to misinformation which is circulating in the community.

Please talk to your children about the harm of spreading false information.

During the school day today, a Hold-in-Place was initiated at Franklin Elementary and Middle School for approximately 20 minutes due to a student injury. This was done so the hallways were clear when paramedics arrived to tend to the student.

The purpose of a hold-in-place is to clear the hallways to allow school and safety personnel to address a wide range of issues. Our students and staff are to be commended for the exceptional job they did following our established hold-in-place procedures. We conduct periodic drills throughout the year so that, when a situation like this occurs, our students and staff know what to do.

Please see our Family Safety Brochure for information about our protocols as well as what you can do in the event of an emergency situation.