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Hoover Elementary Students Enjoy Recent Events With Shea's, Barnes & Noble

Hoover Elementary School students recently had the opportunity to enjoy a special visit by a representative of Shea’s Performing Arts Center and story time at Barnes & Noble.

Students listen to story

Jennifer Fitzery of Shea's Performing Arts Center recently came to visit Hoover Elementary’s second graders. She visited the classrooms of Ms. Chiavaroli, Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Thoman, Ms. Michelle L. Phillips, Mrs. Di Francisco and Mrs. Hillman to present 40-minute readings of “Skippy Jon Jones” paired with creative thinking and movement activities related to the story. The students loved the story and creative way of sharing it.

Teacher reads to students

Teacher reads to students  Teacher reads to students

Numerous Hoover Elementary faculty read for students and their families who attended the HSA-sponsored Barnes & Noble Night. STEM and literacy activities were available while they shopped. Thanks go out to Rebecca Kiel and Colleen Goodsell for organizing and running the event, and thanks also go out to all the teachers and staff who read to the students or came to support the event.

Students pose with Clifford

The Step Challenge Trophy is once again coming to Hoover Elementary after the school won the Step It Up challenge by recording the highest number of steps per participant in a competition with the other eight schools. Congratulations to all staff who participated in this challenge.