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26 Student Athletes Sign Intent to Compete in College

Student athletes
Back row, from left, Kenmore West students Joe Stewart, Matthew Walker, Ramon Hill, Jon Gerbec, Mark Marelli, Cam Crosier, Zach LaPlante, and Kyle Schmidt. Front row, from left, Val Mawi, Lydia Serrano, Gillian Boal, Faye Panagopoulos, and Dom Schmidt.


Student athletes

Back row, from left, Kenmore East students Franc Schmoyer, Aiden Bova, Kyle Hofschneider, John O’Connell, Mike O’Connor, and Paul Schmoyer. Front row, from left, Lyndsey O’Brien, Jordan Taylor, Samantha Kelly, Alexis Cummings, and Bridget Reilly. Missing from photo: Ben Harper and Joseph Brooks.


A total of 26 outstanding student athletes in the Ken-Ton School District from 16 different boys and girls varsity teams were honored for signing their intent to compete at the college level.

At a signing ceremony on May 15, the following 13 student athletes representing were honored at Kenmore West High School:

  • Gillian Boal, Bowling Green, Swimming
  • Cam Crosier, Buffalo State, Football
  • Jon Gerbec, Alfred, Football
  • Ramon Hill, Anna Maria, Football
  • Mark Marelli, Fredonia, Track
  • Val Mawi, Medaille, Soccer
  • Zach LaPlante, NCCC, Baseball
  • Faye Panagopoulos, Daemen, Soccer
  • Dom Schmidt, NCCC, Baseball
  • Kyle Schmidt, NCCC, Baseball
  • Lydia Serrano, NCCC, Softball
  • Joe Stewart, Buffalo State, Football
  • Matthew Walker, Alfred, Swimming

At a signing ceremony on May 16, the following 13 student athletes were honored at Kenmore East High School:

  • Aiden Bova, Medaille, Baseball
  • Alexis Cummings, Buffalo State, Soccer
  • Ben Harper, Alfred, Swimming
  • Kyle Hofschneider, Niagara University, Soccer
  • John O’Connell, RIT, Track
  • Mike O’Connor, Buffalo State, Soccer
  • Bridget Reilly, Canisius, Rowing
  • Franc Schmoyer, Roberts Wesleyan, Soccer
  • Paul Schmoyer, Roberts Wesleyan, Soccer
  • Samantha Kelly, NCCC, Softball
  • Lyndsey O’Brien, St. John Fisher, Track
  • Jordan Taylor, Lake Erie College, Volleyball
  • Joseph Brooks, St. Bonaventure, Rugby

These students represent the elite among high school athletes who move on to compete at the college level. According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, only a very small percentage of high school athletes are accepted into Division I, Division II, or Division III programs. Among men’s teams, that percentage is 4.8 percent for track and field, 5.5 percent for soccer, 7.0 percent for swimming, 7.1 percent for football, and 7.3 percent for baseball. Among women’s teams, it is 3.9 percent for volleyball, 5.5 percent for softball, 6.1 percent for track and field, 7.1 percent for soccer, and 7.3 percent for swimming.

Joseph Brooks

Kenmore East High School senior and rugby player Joseph Brooks signs his intent to compete at the college level.