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New Student Podcast: "Let's Talk Ken-Ton!"

Student Podcast

Rachel Vitko interviews Superintendent Sabatino Cimato for the student-created podcast "Let's Talk Ken-Ton!"

Internship Mentor: Amanda Breier (Long-Term Business Substitute at Hoover Middle School)

Host: Rachel Vitko (Senior)

Webmaster: Allina Wolf (Senior) 

The new world of teaching brought many challenges to education, but especially to internship programs. Many businesses were unable to take on interns this past quarter because of COVID restrictions. Amanda Breier, who was student teaching at the time, had a background in radio broadcasting and there were two interns looking for a broadcasting and marketing internship with limited opportunities. 

Prior to becoming an educator Amanda worked in the broadcasting and marketing industry.  She was the Live Events Operations Manager for Townsquare Media, a multimedia broadcasting, digital advertising and events company. Best known for their #1 radio station 106.5 WYRK. Students under the direction of Amanda created a student led KenTon podcast. The senior interns would create, produce, host and market their very own show. The podcast would center around the KenTon community and bring much needed positive energy during a global pandemic. 

The podcast is called “Let’s Talk Ken-Ton!” The segments centered around school updates, community events, ways to have fun but stay safe during the pandemic, positive stories, social media news, and current events. Rachel became the host of the show and Alina became the webmaster. The team met weekly to brainstorm and collect content, perfect segments, produce each episode and market their show. A new episode was produced each Friday! The interns were extremely excited, dedicated and resilient. It was not easy learning how to create, produce and market a podcast through google meets. They sharpened their critical thinking skills, perfected their collaboration skills and created content that put a smile on our communities face.

In the final leg of their internship Rachel was tasked with interviewing upper admin. The goal of each interview was to give the community a chance to get to know KenTon admin in a fun and impactful way. Rachel and Alina created the segment “20 Question With KenTon Admin.” They prepared 20 insightful questions to ask each administrator. Rachel interviewed Sabatino Cimato, Kelly White, Lisa Cross and Michael Muscarella. This was by far the largest production task for Rachel! You can listen to these interviews here Let's Talk KenTon!

“20 Questions With KenTon Admin” is the final segment for Let’s Talk KenTon this quarter. Amanda is now a Long Term Digital Literacy and 21st Century Skills sub at Hoover Middle School. She hopes to continue to grow the “Let’s Talk KenTon” podcast to teach students about the broadcasting and marketing industries while keeping the KenTon community and our school district connected.

"20 Questions with KenTon Admin" Episodes:

Sabatino Cimato, Superintendent

Kelly White, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction & Student Services

Lisa Cross, Director of Secondary Education

Michael Muscarella, Director of Elementary Education