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K-12 Art Collaboration for Oishei Children’s Hospital

Art teachers & students

A year-long initiative by the Ken-Ton School District Art Department culminated with the delivery of a large-scale art installation, hand-drawn coloring booklets for patients, and donations of art supplies to John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital through the hospital’s Healing Arts Program.

Ken-Ton School District art teachers, students, parents, hospital administrators, and news reporters were all present for a special ceremony in the 1st Floor Lobby of Oishei Children's Hospital on Tuesday, June 11 as the items were delivered.

 Students & teachers with artwork in the background

Art teachers being interviewed

Students looking at artwork

Students looking at artwork

During the 2018-19 school year, the Ken-Ton School District Art Department set out to support the patients of John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital through the hospital’s Healing Arts Program. The vision of this initiative was to combine the talent and efforts of elementary, middle, and high school students to bring the joy and rejuvenating power of art to patients at Oshei Children’s Hospital.

Pictured above, Kenmore East and Kenmore West art students, guided by their art teachers, work on a collaborative large-scale art installation destined for Children's Hospital.

With the guidance of art teachers, hundreds of students worked together to create a large-scale mural entitled “A Map to Peace” and hand-drawn coloring booklets for patients which correlate with the theme of each hospital floor. The Art Department also collected donations of coloring supplies from the Ken-Ton School District community.

The mural included 444 squares created by elementary school students, which were then assembled by middle school students and enhanced by students at the high school level.

Guided by Ken-Ton School District art teachers, this groundbreaking initiative represented the collective efforts of students in grades K-12. Support from students, parents, staff, and the greater Ken-Ton School District community helped make this effort a success. Donations of new packages of coloring materials including crayons, colored pencils, gel pens, and markers were gathered in all Ken-Ton schools and at annual art shows throughout the district. All art supplies collected went directly to patients at Oshei’s Children’s Hospital.

Students with donations

Students with donations

Franklin Middle School fifth-grade students chose to use their remaining money from their winter candy cane sale to purchase coloring supplies for the district-wide art initiative for Oishei Children's Hospital.