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Big Picture Celebrates 14 Graduates in the Class of 2023

The Ken-Ton Big Picture Program held a special graduation and commencement ceremony on Friday, June 16th, to celebrate the 14 graduates in the Class of 2023.

School President Kevin Krueger, Ken-Ton Superintendent Sabatino Cimato, and Big Picture 401 Advisor Dan Litz all spoke in front of the graduates, their friends, and family, all sharing memories and messages for the future.

The ceremony was followed by a special reception for the graduates and their loved ones.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023: Madz Barone, Tyler Baum, Gaven Brown, Nathan Carpenter, Ashley Cimerin, Shauntelle Doerr, Shawn Harris, Sarah Keller, Eileen Krause, Pierce Moline, Alexis Stoudmire, Anthony Torres, Italya Verdejo-Zarbo, and Matthew Weiser.