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Board of Education Holds Reorganizational Meeting

Jennifer Morrow, Sabatino Cimato, Matthew Chimera & Lesley Battaglia

From left, Trustee Jennifer Morrow, Superintendent Sabatino Cimato, President Matthew Chimera, and Trustee Lesley Battaglia.

The Board of Education held its annual Re-Organizational Meeting on Tuesday, July 7. It was the very first Board meeting conducted in-person in the Kenmore Middle School Building Community Room since March, with the implementation of safe social distancing procedures while facilitating virtual participation as well.

It was a historic occasion for the Ken-Ton School District as the Oath of Office was administered to four individuals who have begun new leadership roles in school district governance. Two new members were welcomed to the Board of Education: Trustee Lesley Battaglia and Trustee Jennifer Morrow. Trustee Matthew Chimera, who in his second year on the Board, was unanimously elected to the position of Board of Education President. Trustee Andrew Gianni who was unanimously re-elected to the position of Board of Education Vice President.

In addition to President Chimera, Trustee Battaglia, and Trustee Morrow, the Oath of Office was administered to Superintendent of Schools Sabatino Cimato.