Practice Tips
    Getting Ready:
         1.  Create a practice schedule.
         2.  Choose a practice area:
                   a. Quiet
                   b. Music Stand
                   c. Clock or timer handy
    Getting Started:
         1.  Warm-up!!!! Scales, Note Reading
         Each Piece/ Exercise:
         2.  Check the time signature and key signature
              (mark flat's and sharp's)
         3.  What are the note values?
         4.  Check range of notes (lowest to highest)
         5.  Find patterns: rhythm or melody
         6.  Clap rhythms and count
         7.  Say notes and do fingerings with correct rhythm
         8.  Play: Count in your head and think the pitches. 
                       Play each exercises many times.
    Don't Forget:
         1.  Practice small sections, measure by measure then practice
              the whole piece correctly.
         2.  Don't practice mistakes.
         3.  Use you time wisely.
         4.  Use a pencil to circle mistakes or mark reminders.
         5.  Have fun!!!
Last Modified on March 15, 2008