• noodletoolDirections for NoodleTools

    The online tool that creates the PERFECT Works Cited citation. These instructions are for students who have already registered for a Noodle Tools account. This is the Hoover Middle School doorway into Noodle Tools.



    Enter your ID and password and click on “Log in.”

    "My Projects" page will be displayed.

    Click on “Create a New Project” button.

    In the description bar type in a name for your project and then click “create project.”

    The program takes you to your dashboard page where several choices will be available. At the middle school level, we mostly just create works cited documents.

    From the Components section on the left hand side of the Dashboard screen click on “Works Cited” to begin creating a works cited page.

    From the drop down menu, select the kind of resource you are citing. Make sure you select the correct description of the source, as the fields to be filled in are different, depending on the type of source you select.
    Fill in the fields that appear making sure that spelling and capitalization are correct for each source.

    Click on “Submit.”

    This will take you back to the “Works cited” page to allow you to add another source to your bibliography.
    If you are adding a print book to your works cited document, you can type in the ISBN number found on the back of the book into a box next to the ISBN label and Noodle Tools will fill in all the fields. You must check to be sure Noodle Tools entered all five fields for a book (author, title, city of publication, publisher, copyright year) and then click the submit button and it's done.

    When all resources have been cited, click on “Print/Export” button.

    A drop down menu will appear. Select the first choice,  “Print/Export to Word.

    Select “Open” and your works cited document will appear as a Word document.If the Word document does not open, you may have to click on the words "click here" on the instructions page and then the document will open.

    Scroll down to the last line of the last citation. Click at the end of the last line. Your cursor will appear at the end of the line.

    Press the “enter” button on your keyboard three times and then type your name. Click on "File" in the upper left corner of the screen and from the drop down menu, select "Print." Noodle Tools will save your citations so you do not have to save the document when you have finished printing it out.

    Updated 2/12/2015
Last Modified on February 23, 2015