• 6th Grade Technology Education
         In 6th grade at Franklin Middle School, students take tech ed for 20 weeks. The unique aspect of that 20 weeks is that the students rotate through all three of the technology teachers at FMS, spending 6.5 weeks with each.
         I break my 6.5 week program into two major units, the first being basic aerodynamics and the second being energy and environmental conservation. In studying basic aerodynamics the students learn about the 4 forces involved in flight and how lift is created. They make their own "air racers" which are tag board vehicles that work on the principle of ground effect. They fly on a cushion of air about 1/4" off of the ground for up to 167 feet! (The kids LOVE this project!)
         The second major activity is a product life cycle activity in which the students pedal an energy bike to create electricity to power a foam cutter. They use the foam cutter to make "food packaging" which is then shipped to the "food producers" who in turn ship it to the food distributors, who then distribute it to consumers, who then consume the "food" and toss the foam packaging into a land fill. After the initial material given is consumed and the landfill is full, the students must go back and recycle the foam by cutting it once more. The kids can power the foam cutter for about an average of 30 seconds before they are to tired! The object is to connect energy use to material products, and more especially to disposable products.     WASH YOUR ZIP LOCK BAGS AND REUSE THEM!
    Student work
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Last Modified on September 28, 2006