• The Edison Elementary School Community has a Goal!  We read a book - The Water Princess, by Susan Verde, and we want to help!!  
    The story, The Water Princess,  follows a young character as she arises each morning to walk miles to fetch water in the hot, dry African landscape.  She is strong and capable, yet frustrated that the water which is needed to live is so far away.  She promises her mother, when she grows up she is going to make the water closer and cleaner.  The character in the story created by Susan Verde, is the real life Georgie Badiel.  As a young child she would walk for water with her grandmother in the country of Burkina Faso, in Africa.  She grew up to become a famous international model, traveling all over the world, yet never forgetting her promise to her mother to bring the water closer. Georgie has created a foundation in her name that supports the people of Burkina Faso with education programs, planting and reforestation projects, and providing clean water.  She has just recieved an award from her country as an ambasador of peace and hope for her charity work in bringing clean fresh water to the people of Burka Faso.

    • The Edsion School Community has begun a quest to raise $10,000 to dig a new well in the country of Burkina Faso, Africa.  We currently have many axctivities planned to accomplish our goal:

      *  All students and staff are encouraged to bring in change each day for donations to the well fund.  Pennies on Mondays, Nickels on Tuesdays, Dimes on Wednesdays, Quarters on Thursdays, and Dollars on Fridays

      *  Each grade level has been charged with a goal of $2,000

      *  Kindergarten is organizing a walk for water around the school property, with donations being accepted for the walk.

      *  Grade 1 is organizing a bottle collection at local bottle return stations in the neighborhood

      *  Grade 2 is having a musical evening featuring the grade 2 students and Dr. Seuss in honor of his March birthday.  The evening is schedule for March 7th.  Donations will be collected

      *  Grade 3 is organizing a brick drive that will pave parts of the Edison garden, and having a musical evening coming up in conjunction with a whole school evening in the gym

      *  Grade 4 is looking for corporate donations and holding class functions for donations.

      *  Other plans include a mystery teacher asking for donations to take part in the shaving of his head!

      *  Challenges will be going out to classrooms, grade levels, teachers, students and even BOE members!

  • If you are reading this information, please consider donating to this very worthy cause.  Checks can be made out to the Edison African Well fund and brought to Edison Elementary School, 236 Grayton Road Town of Tonawanda, New York 14150
    Thank you for your generous donations!!

Last Modified on March 5, 2019