HELLO PARENTS!  
    Please feel free to access this website at any time to check your student's homework for the week. 
    Also, feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions.  I can be reached at Ken West at 874-8401 at 3:00 in my classroom on most days. You can also email me through the district website or just email   LHowse@ktufsd.org  Please contact me if I can be of help at any time.
    Homework is given anywhere from 2 to 4 times per week depending on the week.  Students must hand in assignments on time.  If an assignment is late, I will accept it for reduced points up to three days.  After three days, the homework turns into a zero and will not be accepted. 
    I will be available after school from 3:00 --3:30 most days of the week, unless there is a meeting I must attend.  I will let students know during class which days I am not available.  Students are expected to stay during this time if they are falling behind or if they have missed school due to an absence.  If they miss a test or quiz, they are expected to stay after to make it up.
Last Modified on October 17, 2011