• Unit Eight-The Water Cycle and Climates

    What You'll Learn:
    • The causes fo different climats.
    • How climates are classified.
    • How climates change as a result of natural events and human activities.
    Why It's Important:
    A rainforest is an exampel of the vide vateity of palnts that can be found in different climates.  Climate affects where we live, what we wear, and what we eat.  Changes in climate can have far-reaching efffects on agriculture, industy, trnasportation, and recreation.
    Key Vocabulary:
    climate climatology normal
    polar zone temperate zone tropics
    heat island Koeppen classification system microclimate
    El Nino ice age Maunder minimum
    season global warming greenhouse effect
    Key Concepts/Understandings:
    • Describe different types of climate data.
    • Recognize limits associated with the use of nomrals.
    • Expalin why climates vary.
    • Describe the criteria used to classify climates.
    • Compare and contrast different climates.
    • Distinguish among different types of climate changes.
    • Recognize why cimatic changes occur.
    • Compare and contrast the greenhouse effect and global warming.
    • Identify how humans inpact climate.
    • Describe the water cycle.

Last Modified on February 23, 2015