• Unit One-Measuring Earth

    What You'll Learn:

    • How latitude and longitude are used to locate places on Earth.
    • How maps are made, and what types of maps are best suited to particular purposes.
    • What technology is used to map Earth from space.

    Why It's Important:

    Maps help us to locate exact places on Earth.  All forms of transportation, including ships, planes, cars, and trucks, rely on accurate maps for guidance.

    Key Vocabulary:

    International Date Line
    prime meridian
    conic projection
    contour interval
    contour line
    gnomic projection
    map legend
    map scale
    Mercator projection
    topographic map

    Key Concepts/Understandings:

    • Compare and contrast latitude and longitude.
    • Describe how time zones vary.
    • Compare and contrast different map projections.
    • Analyze topographic maps.
    • Describe map characteristics, such as map scales and map legends.

Last Modified on February 23, 2015