• Unit 12-Soil Resources

    Key points:
    • The soil system has storages, flows, transfers and transformation as do the other systems.
    • Sandy, clay and loam soils have different properties and these affect theri productivity.
    • Soils are degraded by human activities incuding irragation, desertification and toxification.
    • Soils can be conserved by measures that condition the soil or reduce wind or water erosion.
    Key words:
    soil profile horizon parent material
    decoposition soil formation weathering
    soil texture clay loam
    sandy soil humus leaching
    aeration nitrification denitrification
    nitrogen fixation leguminous plants Rhizobium
    nutrients macronutrients micronutrients
    soil degradation erosion overgrazing
    deforestaton unsustainable agriculture toxification
    irrigation salinization soil conservation

Last Modified on February 23, 2015