• Unit 9-Resources-natural capital

    • Resources(or natural capital) are goods or services that have some value to humans.
    • We can exploint resources which then produce a yield (or natural income).
    • The three types of resource are renewable, non-renewable and replensihable.
    • The value of a resource can be different in differnet cultures, and can change over time as thecnology and economic development progress.
    • Sustainablity relies on lilving within only the naurural income generated by natural capital and not using the capital.
    • Sustainable development that meets current needs without comprimising the abilty of future generations to meet their needs and without degrading the environment.
    • The human carrying capacity can be increased by use of technology, reducing energy use or recycling.
    • The ecological footprint of a population is the land area required to sustainabley supprot it and can be calculated.
    • Population growth and ecological frootprint size are influenced by stage of development of a country and by its worldview.

    resource natural capital natural income
    renewable non-renewable replenishable
    sustainablity sustainable development ecological footprint
    Earthshare technological development reuse
    recycling remanufacturing absolute reductions

Last Modified on February 23, 2015