• Unit 2-Environmental perspectives

    Key Points:
    • There are a range of environmental philosophies that people hold.
    • Your perspective on the environment may also be called your value system, paradigm or viewpoint. (We shall use these words interchangably.)
    • Your environmental philosophy influences your decision-making process on environmental and other issues.
    • You should know your own environmental philosophy and understand what influences this and how it may change.
    • Different societies hold different enviromental philosophies and comparing these helps explain why societies make different choices.
    • The environment or any organism can have its own intrinsic value regardless of its value to humans.  How we measure this value is a key to understanding the value we place on the environment.
    Key Vocabulary:
    environmental worldview environmental value system ecocentric
    technocentric antropocentric biocentric
    biorights deep ecologist self-reliant ecologist
    environmental manager cornucopian intrinsic
    holistic greenwash deep green
    dark green light green bright green

Last Modified on February 23, 2015