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    Welcome to my website!  I am the School Psychologist here at Kenmore East.  I am currently scheduled at the high school  Monday through Friday.  I spend my time completing initial and three year re-evaluations, consulting with staff, and working with parents in helping them to guide their children to be more successful in school.  I participate on the building sub-Committee on Special Education, the Instructional Support Team, the Crisis Management Team, as well as the district level Committee on Special Education.  You may find some useful information at the links located on the left side of this page as well as some timely and useful articles for parents and teachers.  The large NASP button on this page is a link to the National Association for School Psychologists website which has numerous links for educators and parents on a wide variety of topics.  I also am the announcer for the Kenmore East boys football team and the boys freshman, JV, and varsity and girls JV and varsity basketball teams.  I can be reached at any time by district mail, Jeffrey_Spriegel@ktufsd.org or by phone, 874-8402 extension 5526.  I will attempt to regularly update the links on the left side of this page with conference updates and handouts for both parents and professional staff. 
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Last Modified on November 26, 2007