• Welcome Freshmen!


    Here are some things you should know about the Engineering & Technology Department at Ken East.
    1. We offer several "Freshmen Friendly" courses that have no prerequisite.

    2. A five unit sequence of Technology Education courses allows a student to opt-out of the World Languages requirement for an Advanced Regents diploma   

    3. Engineering & Technology Education fits in very-well for students interested in the IB program while offering the opportunity to prepare for college and today's HIGH TECH careers!
    4. Remember ... there are 9 Class periods per day in the high school, including lunch. There is plenty of room in every student's schedule for Engineering & Technology Education classes!
    5. Design & Drawing for Production (DDP) can count as your required Art/Music credit or as an elective.


    Typical 9th Grade Schedule:
          1. Math
          2. Science
          3. English
          4. Social Studies
          5. Lunch
          6. Phys. Ed. / Science Lab / Study Hall (rotating days)
          7. (Art/Music/Design Requirement) Design & Drawing for Production (DDP)
          8. (Elective) Basic Electricity / Media Design & Video Production
          9. (Elective) Tool Time 1 & 2

    This schedule allows for at least 3 full credits in Engineering & Technology Education!