• Health Education
    Health Education is a NYS required 20 week course.  Health in the Ken-Ton Middle Schools is taught for 10 weeks in grade 7 and 10 weeks in grade 8.  Health education provides students with essential life skills.  Topics of study include: Physical Activity,  Nutrition, Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs and Sexuality/Sexual Health.  Embedded within the topics of study are the health education skills of Self Management, Relationship Management, Communication, Decision Making, Goal Setting and Advocacy. Students are expected to participate in classroom discussions and activities (i.e., oral reports, research papers, homework,etc.). Community/school resources are used to acquaint student with the skills in accessing valid health information, products and services. Satisfactory completion of the health education course is required for graduation.

    Prerequisites: None

    How long is the course: 10 Weeks ( 1 Quarter) each in grades 7 and 8.

    Materials Required: 3 Ring1" Notebook.