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    Regents Chemistry Laboratories

    Labs will be shared and turned in through the Google Classroom.  The state education department has not waived the 1200 minutes of required laboratory time (yet) so all students will need to participate in a lab section.  Labs will be virtual for now.  The hope is to be back in person in January so we can do some real, hands-on science!  

    Period 6 & 9 Regents Chemistry 

    Regents Chemistry Assignments will be communicated through the Google Classroom.  Questions or concerns, please email Mr Clinch:



    Link to NY State's Chemistry Reference Tables:  Click HERE 

    Every Day Bring 
    Your Chemistry Reference Tables
    Something on which to write (paper)
    Something with which to write (pen or pencil)
    A Calculator
    (which can be your phone for classwork
    but cannot be for tests & quizzes)
    Important Links:

    Reference Tables version 2011 

    Tentative Syllabus

    NY Chemistry State Curriculum



Last Modified on September 9, 2021