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    Franklin Middle School Attendance Policy


    Every student has a right to educational opportunities that will enable them to develop to their fullest potential. Research repeatedly demonstrates that there is a strong correlation between good attendance and success in school. The regular contact of students with one another in the classroom and their participation in well-planned instructional activities are vital to this purpose. Time lost from class for any reason represents a significant loss of educational opportunity for all students. Therefore, the Franklin Middle School Attendance Policy, in compliance with the Kenmore Town of Tonawanda UFSD Attendance Policy establishes minimum attendance requirements to ensure the success of all students in grades six through eight. Successful implementation of this Attendance Policy requires cooperation among all members of the educational community, including parents, students, teachers, administrators, support staff, and the Franklin Middle School Attendance Policy Board.




    The Franklin Middle School Attendance Policy Board's requirement is consistent with the Kenmore Town of Tonawanda UFSD Board of Education's Attendance Policy.  All students must attend school a minimum of 85% of the time. This shall apply to all students in grades 5-7, unless otherwise stated on a classified student's individual educational plan or 504 plan.  Eighth grade students taking courses for high school credit must maintain the minimum attendance requirements for students in grades 9-12. The High School definition of absences applies to all Middle School students.


    1.       This policy will apply to students in grades 5- 7

    2.       This policy will apply to each marking period and the entire school year simultaneously

    3.       This policy will apply to students with a handicapping condition unless, pursuant to state and federal law, a student's failure to adhere to the policy requirements shall be determined to be a manifestation of the student's handicapping condition



    1.       Absences will occur for a whole day, or a substantial part of a day. A written excuse explaining the reason for absence should be submitted to the ATTENDANCE OFFICE within three (3) days of the day on which a student returns to school. If an excuse is not provided, the absence is recorded as unexcused. Students have the right and responsibility to make up all missed work within a reasonable time for all excused and unexcused absences.


    Excessive Absence and Tardiness:

    2.       Students whose absences and instances of tardiness, both excused and unexcused, exceed 15% during a given period of time will be considered excessively absent and will be referred for administrative review. Parents will be notified of the impending review and informed of the outcome.


    • 10% of a full school year is 18 days.
    • 10% of a 10 week marking period is approximately 4 days. A student will be in violation on the 4th absence during any marking period or on the 18th absence for the entire school year.


    Late Arrival:

    3.       Students that arrive to school after 8:14am  must report to the attendance office for a pass.


    Absent Notes:

    4.       Students must bring an absence note to the ATTENDANCE OFFICE within three (3) days after the actual absence.  The note must be signed by the parent/guardian and should include the student's full name, the date of the absence and the specific reason for the absence. 



    Early/Late Release:

    5.       Students may not be released during school hours, except for emergencies, upon a signed written request of a parent or guardian. A student will not be released to any person not known to the principal or teacher except upon presentation of a signed written request by the parent or guardian. Where possible, appointments at the doctor, dentist, etc. should be scheduled outside of school hours. If appointments are scheduled during school hours, the following conditions are prescribed:


    • Students should be signed out at the ATTENDANCE OFFICE by a parent or other responsible adult.

    • Students are not sent home alone during school hours except by special consent of the parent or directive of an administrator.




    A student will not be considered absent for the following reasons


    1.       In-school suspension;

    2.       Out-of-school suspension;

    3.       Home instruction;

    4.       School-mandated testing including Advanced Placement testing (test period only), and psycho-educational testing;

    5.       Mandated school meetings initiated by school personnel;

    6.       Mandated curriculum-based performances and/or experiences.


    Excused absences are as follows

    1.       Student illness

    2.       Illness or death in the family

    3.       Documented medical appointment

    4.       Court appearance and/or short-term placement

    5.       In-school music lessons

    6.       School approved field trips

    7.       Shadow days

    8.       Assigned suspension in school or supervised out-of-school suspension alternative

    9.       Quarantine

    10.   Religious observance

    11.   Impassable roads or weather conditions

    12.   Power outage/other emergency conditions



    Unexcused absences include, but are not limited to, the following

    1.       Truancy from school

    2.       Truancy from a class or classes during the    school day

    3.       Truancy from suspension

    4.       Babysitting-except for emergency situations

    5.       Educational neglect - occurs when a student is absent with knowledge and consent of his parents, stated or implied, for other than excused reasons


    Making up missed work due to an absence: Teachers will determine what constitutes makeup of any work missed due to an absence, regardless if the absence was excused or unexcused.  


    1. An after-school make-up class;

    2. A free-period/lunch make-up class;

    3. A before-school make-up class;

    4. The completion of specific reading assignments;

    5. The completion of all class work and exams

    6. A conference with teacher;

    7. Peer tutoring

    8. The completion of alternative projects:

    a. Reports or projects on related topic;

    b. Class presentation;

    c. Article review;

    d. Internal research;

    9. Independent study assignments;

    10. Other work as determined by the teacher.


    This list is not inclusive of all options available. It is the responsibility of the classroom teacher to select the type of make-up. Required make-up work will be determined on an individual basis. This requirement does not constitute a precedent for other students.



    Reporting an Absence


    Parents or guardians are to report absences to the Attendance Office by calling (874 - 8404) on the day before or the day of an absence.  If the Attendance office is not notified by 8:14 am, parents or guardians will be contacted by 10:30am to explain the absence of their child.


    If a student is absent he/or she must:

    Bring an absence note to the ATTENDANCE OFFICE within three (3) days after the actual absence. The note must be signed by a parent/guardian and should include the student's full name, the date of the absence and the specific reason for the absence.




    The school administration and/or guidance department will periodically acknowledge a student's efforts to maintain or improve school attendance and will creatively schedule various event and activities to improve attendance on certain days. For example:


    1.       An Attendance Honor Roll shall be maintained and published monthly to be posted in prominent places in local newspapers and various school publications.  This will also include those students whose attendance has improved significantly


    2.       Special events (e.g., assemblies, guest speakers, field days) will be scheduled on half days that historically have high absenteeism (e.g., Mondays, Fridays, days before vacation)


    3.       Special recognition will be given to students with exceptional attendance records


    4.       Grade-level rewards for best attendance


    5.       Classroom acknowledgment of the importance of good attendance (e.g., individual certificates, recognition chart, bulletin boards)


    6.       Special events and efforts will take place on days or months that have traditionally been periods of lower attendance


    7.       Lunch with the Principal or Assistant Principal


    8.       Student gets to shadow the Principal for a morning or afternoon OR be the Principal for the morning or afternoon





    Depending on the frequency of a students absenteeism and tardiness, he or she MAY have the following sanctions imposed. 


    1.       Loss of the right to play sports.

    2.       Loss of the right to participate in extra-curricula activities including school dances.

    3.       Loss of the right to attend school-related trips.

    4.       Loss of the right to attend school assemblies

    5.       Student must attend meeting with parents, administration, and counselor to discuss impact of excessive absences.


    Tardiness Policy  


    Tardiness to school and class is not acceptable.  Both parents and the school share responsibility for assisting students in establishing habits of promptness.  Students are expected to be in their homeroom and classes on time.  Failure to do so will result in structured interventions or, depending on the frequency, administrative actions to assist the student in understanding the importance of being prompt to school and to class. 



    The Franklin Middle School Tardiness Policy is a sub-section of the Attendance Policy and applies to all students attending Franklin Middle school.






    1.   This policy will apply to students in grades 5 -7

    2.   This policy will apply to each marking period and the entire school year simultaneously

    3.   This policy will apply to students with a handicapping condition unless, pursuant to state and federal law, a student's failure to adhere to the policy requirements shall be determined to be a manifestation of the student's handicapping condition.




    Any student that arrives to school after 8:14am (not in 1st period), will be considered tardy to school.  Upon arrival the student must have a note from a medical or legal office, or if late due to illness, a note must be presented from parent/guardian ON THE SAME DAY.  If a note is not presented on the same day, the student's record will reflect an unexcused tardy.  Students late to class will be subject to any sanctions that the classroom teacher may have in place.



    Disincentives or Sanctions for failure to arrive to school on time are as follows:






    Response -  Administrative action



    First Offense - 1st Tardy - Attendance policy is reviewed with the student, plus a warning is given



    Second Offense - after 5 tardies a lunch detention and parent phone call will occur



    Third Offense - at the discretion of the administration consequences will be determined




    The following reasons will NOT be accepted as reasons for an excused tardy and will be considered as unexcused:


    • Waking up late (parent/guardian or student)
    • Leaving home late
    • Talking to friends in the cafeteria
    • Or any other imprudent excuse or reason