Ms. Connor

    get in tune



    General Music classes meet every  day for 1 quarter (10 weeks).                                                         

    Students learn about styles of music and

    their purpose in different cultures and societies.

    Many different musical instruments are

    used by students to perform these styles.

    Check out the Supplies page

    for items needed for class

    SSA Chorus meets every Monday and Tuesday from 7:50-8:40 am. in Room 243.

    SAB Chorus  meets every Wednesday and Thursday from 7:50-8:40 am. in Room 243.
    Friday mornings will be used for All County rehearsals. 
    7th period will be used (at times) for auditions and extra practice for solos when needed. 

    All students are invited to join chorus. If you haven't already registered you may do so the first week of school.

      *ImportantNote...Membership in chorus is a

    committment for the entire year.We work towards

    a total sound and every member is a

    very important and necessary contributor to that sound. 

    Check out the Concert Dress page and the Concerts page or Calendar page for concert dates.







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