Hall lockers are assigned for the storage and safekeeping of your property. Frequent visits to your locker are discouraged. Follow your teachers' directions.
    1. Learn and know your locker number and lock combination.
    2. For your protection, keep the lock combination and use of the locker to yourself. DO NOT SHARE LOCKERS.
    3. Large sums of money and articles of exceptional value should not be brought to school.
    4. Open and close your locker without slamming or kicking. Check that the door is properly closed -top and bottom- before spinning the combination. Be sure it is locked before leaving the locker. 
    5. The school does not assume responsibility for the loss of personal items.
    6. Lockers are the property of the school and can be inspected when warranted.
    7. If are unable to open the combination lock: 
    • Check the locker number again. Attempt to open the lock again, slowly, making all the required turns.
    • If the lock still fails to open, report this to the counseling center who will report it to the custodial staff.
Last Modified on July 15, 2019