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        In keeping with the middle school philosophy, the spirit, and direction of the social studies program in grades 5-7 emphasizes  the development of the student as:
    • an active self-directed learner
    • a unique individual with identity and self-esteem
    • a participant in a democratic school environment
    • a lifelong learner
        The 6th-grade program is aimed at bringing the child to a fuller realization of his/her relationship with other members of the world community. Specifically, the focus is on the Mediterranean Community (including Southern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa) and the Eastern European Community. The course of study will emphasize the interdependence of all people; keying into, though not limited to, these areas. The global concerns and problems confronting these communities can be explored through a focus on current events and issues as well as text, library, and media materials. A balanced program is developed around content, concepts, and skills.  
        The emphasis in the 7th-grade program is on a chronological historic approach. Subject matter is a study of American history and society with a focus on New York State and local history as they become important in the course of American history.
        The 7th-grade program begins with an anthropological study of the pre-Colombian Indians of New York State and concludes with the study of the American Civil War.