• MasterMinds

    Advised by Mr. Kresge

    Where: Room 355

    Join MasterMinds!

    All students who are interested are welcome to attend.  Sometimes refreshments will be provided! 

    Practices are held on Wednesdays after school in Room 355 

    Click below to view the league standings for this year (We are Buffalo League #4):


    Meet Schedule for the 2013-14 season:
    10/30   at Depew
    12/11   HOME
    2/5        HOME
    3/5       at St. Joe's
    3/25      a Mt. St. Mary's

    Topics covered at MasterMinds meets usually include but are not limited to:

    World Religions

    World History

    Mathematics - Pre-Calculus and Calculus

    American and European Literature

     Art and Music

    Sciences - Earth, Biology, Chemistry, & Physics

    U.S. History and Government

    Current Events and Entertainment

    Click here to visit the National Academic Quiz Tournament website for more info on what quiz tournaments are all about and how to improve your performance at meets!

    You can also watch video lessons on many topics at Khan Academy. This is a free internet based tutorial site covering thousands of topics.  It is strongest in math, finance, and science topics.  Beware! The accuracy of the info on this site has been called into question.  It is however, in general, a reliable source.


    The Masterminds team competes against other Western New York Schools in academic competition featuring a format similar to that of Jeopardy! involving academic and general knowledge questions.