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               Regents Chemistry
                      Mrs. Keil
    Welcome to Regents Chemistry!  You will be learning many new concepts and ideas this year, not all of which are easy!  I recommend that you stay on top of your chemistry work, ask questions in class, and get help when it's needed! 
    This site contains information and documents that you may find helpful during the school year.  Class worksheets, labs and schedules are posted on these pages for your use.  Announcements and homework will also be posted on a regular basis, in addition to being talked about and posted in class.  Should you miss a day(s), you may access what was missed in class from home. 
    This page summarizes some of the main questions that you may have for beginning chemistry.
    Topics to be covered this year:
    1) Intro to Chemistry
    2) The Atom and Nuclear Chemistry                                mad scientist
    3) Matter, Energy and Gas Laws
    4) The Periodic Table
    5) Nomenclature
    6) Chemical Reactions
    7) Math of Chemistry
    8) Chemical Bonding
    9) Solutions Chemistry
    10) Kinetics and Equilibrium
    11) Acids and Bases
    12) Redox Chemistry
    13) Organic Chemistry
    How grades will be calculated:                                         Student with an A

       Test Grades, Quizzes & Projects             60%


       Classroom Activities                                20%


              Class & group assignments


       Homework & Class Involvement             20%

    Participation & Attendance

    Supplies that you will need for class and lab are:
       1) a three ring binder- 2 sections: class and lab
       2) pencils & pens
       3) calculator
       4) Reference Tables
    Tips for success:
       - Review your notes nightly.
       - Complete all homework on time.
       - Do you labs and turn them in on time.
    I am available for help after schools tuesday, wednesday and thursday.  You can makeup labs after school or during any of my lab periods.  It is recommended that you makeup labs as soon as possible, so that the material is fresh and you are able to work with a group on the labs.
Last Modified on July 17, 2008