• Kenmore East High School
    Hello Kenmore East Family, 
    We hope you are at home, staying safe and healthy.  While we are on our break, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, please look on your school email for information from your PE teacher.  We will be giving PE grades, based on the activity logs that were sent via Google Classroom.  If you did not receive the invitation to the class, email your teacher. Packets will be available in the KE office, and you may print a copy below if necessary.  


    Some have asked if they can do make ups. We will add new ones as we gather them.    In the next few weeks, please stay as active as possible, it helps us to stay mentally and physically healthy.  We know that this is an unprecedented time, and can be stressful for many.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.  Stay Healthy!

    KE PE Staff

                                                Directions for Activity Log

                                                      Activity Log


    PE Make UP options:

    We will be posting more options as we gather them


    1. This one can be done and sent to your PE teacher on Google Drive. https://pegeekpdf.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/Workout+Producer+Task.pdf?ck_subscriber_id=697455076


    Welcome to Physical Education



    You must be passing four classes plus PE to be eligible. 

    This eligibility applies to all sports teams, clubs, ATTENDING DANCES AND






    Things you need for the Physical Education at
    Kenmore East
    • Combination Lock
    • CHANGE OF CLOTHES-shorts, sweatpants, t-shirt, and sneakers
      You must have your own locker, no sharing lockers 
    • Medical notes must be turned in ASAP-Swim medicals must be turned in before swim block starts
    Physical Education Make-ups
    Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday    7:05-7:30    or      2:30- 2:55
    • You MUST be on time, IN THE GYM by 7:05 or 2:30.  Please come directly from 9th period to the locker room and change.  You are graded during your make-up, just as you are in class.  
    • If you are a PM BOCES student, you must make up your missed class either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning, 7:05-7:35.  
    • NO CELL PHONE USE DURING MAKE-UPS-If you are caught you will be asked to leave- the make-up will be a ZERO
    • You may earn partial credit for unprepareds
    • You may earn full credit points for any legal miss. 
    • During a PE Block, you may miss up to 2 classes for school related events without having to make-up (Music lessons/field trips) 


    • Please wear appropriate clothing for Phys Ed.