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    Instruction in English is developmental in nature. The courses develop students’ skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking and encourage their understanding and appreciation of literature. Each course provides students an opportunity to use language for information and understanding, for literary response and expression, for critical analysis and evaluation, and for social interaction. A writing portfolio is kept for each student in all required English courses. All students are expected to demonstrate proficiency with emerging technologies and research.

    Public Speaking, Theater, Creative Writing, Journalism/Publications and Yearbook are course offerings the students may take in addition to their regular English class.

    Students may not take two grade levels of English concurrently, except seniors who require both courses in order to graduate in June of that academic school year. Seniors who are enrolled in two English courses will have their grades reviewed every ten weeks. Any senior who does not have a passing average in both courses will be dropped from the higher-level course.