• Kenmore East’s CLASS Award!
     Kenmore East’s Annual Student Recognition Award


    Students are encouraged to apply for the Kenmore East CLASS Award each year.  Applications are made available in the Spring.  Please note that Seniors will not be eligible for Senior Opps unless they earn the award as a Junior. Please see below for information on how to apply and qualify for CLASS.


    The CLASS Award will be earned based on the following criteria:

    Character:  Student shall have no major incidents (long detentions or in or out of school suspensions).  Students also require classroom teacher approval.                           

    Leadership in Athletics/Activities:  Student must demonstrate active participation in three or more team sports, clubs, or activities.  Each club, team sport, or activity requires staff verification.

    Attendance:  Student shall not be absent or tardy more than 10 times.  This requirement will be verified through the Kenmore East Attendance Office.

    Scholarship: Student must maintain an 85% or better average for at least three marking periods. Students must provide a copy of their 3rd marking period report card for verification.

    Service: Student volunteers their time at two or more organizations in the community.  Service hours must be verified by the organization’s personnel and students must write a brief essay which describes their involvement, how the organization benefited from his/her involvement, and what he/she learned from his/her experiences.


    Award Guidelines:

    1.  Student must apply for the award.  Applications are available on line.  Student must earn at least three of the five criteria to qualify for the Class Award.

    3.  A student who earns all five of the criteria earns the designated

    First Class Award.

    4.  The responsibility falls on the student to verify all criteria excluding attendance, which will be completed by the Attendance Office.



    • Free admission to home athletic events
    • Invitation to the Class Award luncheon
    • Inclusion on college applications
    • Local merchant discount card



    • Same as above PLUS……………….
    • Award received at the Undergraduate Awards Night or Senior Awards Ceremony
    • Invitation to the 1st CLASS Breakfast
    • Receives yearbook in advance of others
    • Name published in the Ken-Ton Bee


Last Modified on April 5, 2011