Bulldogs -

    I hope everyone is having a relaxing and safe summer, and that you are ready to begin what I am sure will be an exciting start to an unconventional school year.  As we continue to experience several changes due to the ongoing pandemic, our community’s patience and flexibility is critical in achieving success together.  As Bulldogs, we are strong and resilient, and I am confident that we will thrive as a learning community.  The purpose of this communication is to inform you of some of the most critical components to the opening of the school year.  As always, more information can be found on our district and school websites:  https://www.ktufsd.org/ and https://www.ktufsd.org/Domain/254, respectively.  Important information is listed below:  

    1. Remote Schedule:  The school year will begin in a remote fashion for all students.  For detailed information on our schedule, please see the link to our Remote Learning Plan:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PnoBm_8AbfF0MovD_0MFc4u-WCYZB7x399ALck6Vshc/edit

    A few important points about remote learning:

    1. Student schedules will be posted on the student portal on Monday, August 31.
    2. Attendance will be taken every day, just as we would be doing with ordinary instruction.
    3. Teachers will be reaching out to their students later this week to begin setting up their online learning platforms with each of you.
    4. While we will continue to be as flexible as possible, this year will be a more structured approach than this past spring.  Please treat the beginning of this school year as you would any other year.  You will be fully accountable for attendance, work completion and your grades.
    5. The first day of classes will be held on September 8, and will be a Day 1.  We will rotate through a 4-day cycle.  NOTE: Wednesdays will be counted as a day in the cycle.  For example: Week one will proceed as follows:
    1. Tuesday, September 8: DAY 1 (Synchronous)
    2. Wednesday, September 9: DAY 2 (Asynchronous
    3. Thursday, September 10: DAY 3 (Synchronous)   
    4. Friday, September 11: DAY 4 (Synchronous).  

    Please see the calendar for September at the end of this letter.

    1. Chromebook and textbook distribution:  Families requesting Chromebooks should fill out their request at the link here.  For families who have requested devices through this link, our first Chromebook distribution will take place on Friday, September 4th from noon to 6 p.m. at Door 13 (near the tennis courts).  Additional days for distributing Chromebooks, textbooks, and other school materials will be added at a later date.  Please keep an eye out on our website and for our Shoutpoints.  

    1. BOCES CTE students: For students who travel to BOCES, you will be operating on a hybrid schedule.  Students will be attending on Monday and Tuesday, or Thursday and Friday.  All Wednesdays will be asynchronous (for all students).  Transportation will be from your normal pickup locations to BOCES, and from BOCES back to your normal dropoff locations.  You will not be picked up or dropped off from Kenmore East.  Be on the lookout for a letter from BOCES regarding what cohort you will be scheduled in, as well as from transportation regarding your pickup and dropoff locations. 

    1. Teacher contact information: Please refer to the Remote Learning plan above.  Teacher contact information will also be available on the school’s web site. 

    1. New student orientation will take place on the morning of Friday, September 4.  Please see our letter that was mailed home for more information and check your student emails starting September 2 for your personal invites.  This event will be virtual this year.  A special thanks to Mr. Nate Bourke, Mrs. Tina Cavese, and the LINK CREW! 

    1. Counseling Center: If you have any scheduling questions or concerns, please reach out to your school counselors.  Counselor information is as follows, broken down by students’ last names:

    GRADE 8 & 9: A-K: Michelle Washington (mwashington@ktufsd.org)

                          L-Z: Janine Galante (jgalante@ktufsd.org)

    GRADES 10-12: A-H: Julie Leavitt (jleavitt@ktufsd.org)

                            I-M, (plus Mang/Roy) John Vogt (jvogt@ktufsd.org)

                            N - Z: Vanessa Manney (vmanney@ktufsd.org)

    1. Future Communications: A significant number of our messages this year will be sent out via our Shoutpoint system.  Please update your contact information here.  We will also continue posting updates and announcements to our school’s web page on a daily basis, so please stay connected!

    I look forward to learning with you this year, and I cannot wait to see our students in person.  Stay safe, and focused.  We will have a great year!


    Patrick Heyden



    Mr. Patrick Heyden