• Franklin Middle School Shared Decision Making Team

    The Shared Decision Making Team at Franklin Middle School is responsible for the implementation of various interventions and activities that will enable us to achieve our School Engagement Plan goals of decreasing instances of student suspensions and decreasing the number of students who are chronically absent.  The following school community members voluntarily serve on our SDMT:
    -Christina Dawson, ESL Teacher FMS                      -Karen Otto, Science Teacher, FMS
     -Cynthia Deer, Hearing Teacher, KTUFSD               -Karon Ozols, School Psychologist, FMS
    -Jeanette Yoder, Reading Teacher, FMS                   -Lori Grabbenstatter, Librarian, FMS
    -Jessica Mang-Morris, Parent, FMS                         -Lorraine Campbell, Lead Secretary, FMS
    -John Rojek, ELA/Social Studies Teacher, FMS         -Michael Haggerty, Assistant Principal, FMS
     -Julie Moore, ELA Teacher, FMS                             -Christopher Ginestre, Principal, FMS
    -Kara Saile, Reading Teacher, FMS                          -Krista Mansell, Parent, FMS