• Big Picture Expectations:

    1. Cell phones will be turned into your advisor during early morning advisory. Late students are expected to report to your advisor upon arrival to turn in your phone. You will be given your phone at lunch and it will be returned to your advisor immediately after lunch before going to your next scheduled activity.

    2. Personal items should be kept in your locked locker.  Students should not share lockers.

    3. Dress code:
    • Any article depicting language, images, or themes that denigrate others on account of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, 'gender, sexual orientation, or disability is prohibited. 
    • Any article that advertises, displays, or represents themes related to alcohol, drugs, illegal, abusive, suggestive, or controversial messages; or gang-related activities are prohibited. 
    • See-through and strapless garments are not to be worn. Modest tanks are appropriate as long as the chest area is covered from the top of the armpit down. Midriffs are to be covered. Exposure of skin between the bottom of the shirt and the top of pants is prohibited.
    • Pants, shorts and skirts must be designed to be worn at waist level, and are to be worn as designed. Undergarments must not be visible, and no visible writing, symbols, and/or emblems are to appear on the back-side.
    • Pants, shorts and skirts must be of a modest length (reference finger length - hands fully extended at sides).

    1. Bullying is unacceptable behavior, which results in somebody feeling hurt, threatened or frightened. This can be physical or verbal and includes threatening, teasing, name-calling, spreading rumors, intimidation, ostracizing or damaging a person's property. It includes comments which provoke or trigger a physical response. (It also includes sexual and disability harassment.)

    It is the right of every person at the Big Picture Program to be safe from physical and verbal harassment. Staff is committed to ensure that every member of our school community enjoys the right to participate in school life at its fullest. All instances of harassment violate that right and are totally unacceptable.

    Bullying can take many forms. It may include:

    • Physical Abuse — hitting, kicking taking belongings or damaging a person's property.
    • Verbal or Written Abuse —Name-calling, insulting, teasing, racist remarks or intimidation.
    • Indirect actions — spreading rumors, exclusion of others.
    • Harassment -- racial, gender, sexual, disability or sexual orientation.

    1. Plagiarism is using someone else’s words or ideas without giving proper credit (or without giving any credit at all) to the writer of the original.  Whether plagiarism is intentional or unintentional, it is a serious offense. If a student plagiarizes, he/she will automatically receive a zero for that assignment.  Other school discipline may also result.

    2. Students will enter the building at door 10, purchase breakfast if desired, and move directly to the 3rd floor using the door 10 stairwell.  Students need to be in their advisory by 7:30 am.  (Breakfast will not be served after 7:30 am). Students must not leave the Big Picture wing of the 3rd floor unless escorted by an adult.  Students found in other parts of the building without authorization will face serious disciplinary consequences.

    3. Students who arrive late to school (after 7:30 am) must sign-in at the Big Picture Office in Room 325.

    4. Students are responsible for the care and use of their assigned laptop/chromebook, including plugging it in at the end of the day.  Students will not use computers that have not been specifically assigned to them.