• Student Congress President Candidates:

    Jasmine Orrell                                                                                                                      

    In my freshman year I was treasurer of my class and would check and sign all of the money deposits that came into our account. For Join the winners I helped raise money for an organization called Kids Escaping Drugs while also promoting school spirit. During sophomore year I joined connections crew and helped and helped incoming freshman find their way around the school. Sophomore year I became Vice president of my class and did as much as I could whether it was thinking of new ideas to raise money for our class or helping with various events. I also joined Special Olympics in which I helped train kids with special needs do the sport they love. In my junior year, I continued with connection crew, Special Olympics and being vice president of my class for office. Next year, I hope to be able to do even greater things for Kenmore East.

    Getting involved is the most important thing a high school student can do other than maintaining good grades. I believe I would be a great candidate for this position for many reasons. Over the past 4 years I have been in office for both Ben Franklin and Kenmore East. Over these 4 years I have held both Treasurer and Vice President positions. I put 100% of my effort into everything I do and I don’t just do it for self-satisfaction but also to make sure the people around me are happy as well. Another reason I believe I would be a good candidate for this position is because even though I have a lot of stuff on my plate, I can organize my time efficiently while still getting the job done. If I were to be a part of student council I hope to achieve many things. Student council holds many events throughout the year and I hope that during student council I can help as much as I possibly can. I also want to give input and new ideas for current/new events that we do. I hope that more people get involved in the school activities so that they too can enjoy high school even more. Wing Ding, Join the winners, Homecoming week, the food drive and many more events are the best parts of the entire year and I’m 100% positive that everyone can agree with me on that. It would be an amazing opportunity to be able to get involved even more with the school.


    Jacob Taggart.

    I have contributed to Kenmore east in many ways I helped to sell t-shirts for join the winners. I have attended many school events such as powder puff, join the winners, all the school dances, and wing ding. I have also been a part of two school sports soccer, and lacrosse I was also one of the captains for the lacrosse team. I donated a whole turkey plus many cans for the gobble up hunger food drive. I also have worked with special needs kids by coaching for the Special Olympics.

    The reason I am a good candidate for this position is because I am hard working and a good person who is willing to do anything and always will try to find a way to get things done. I am willing to put in the time and effort needed to help make Kenmore east a better place for everyone. I hope to accomplish many things such as thinking of fun new things for students to do.   I also will help to coordinate events and plan activities for the school. I hope to make Kenmore east a better learning environment then it already is and I also hope to help to help students to have lots of fun and enjoy their high school experience and I am willing to help students to find solutions to any problems or complaints they might have about the school. 


    Alix Sorrrento:

    I love getting involved in the school. Each year I try to do as much as I can, including selling tickets for every dance, running concessions and organizing events. I have been president of the Class Of 2016 for 3 years and I have helped organize fundraisers and get students involved. This includes the flower/cake pop sale where I have stayed after multiple times to arrange the flowers and bake the cake pops. Another thing I have done for our school is Connections Crew where I was able to assist freshman into finding their rooms and getting comfortable maneuvering around the school. Lastly, I have done other things such as prom committee and Special Olympics.

                You should vote for me because I truly care about my class and my school. I have been involved since Day 1 and have continued to contribute my help ever since. I absolutely love doing anything helpful and will make time to get done what needs to. Next year I will also be a senior and would love to make it a year to remember. I hope to give a little extra to each event in order to make it special. Each and every time I do something I give 110% in order to make sure things go as planned. 

    Nicole Sperrazza

    Throughout the two years that I have attended Kenmore East, my contributions have been to benefit my class and the school as a whole. In the beginning of 9th grade, I spent many hours after school and one early morning to help design, make, and put up decorations that would represent the freshmen class during homecoming week. Entering and continuing through my sophomore year, I have joined Wilderness Club every Thursday to separate and recycle all of the paper and plastic found in every classroom on the first two floors.  Currently, I am working through Art Club and all of its members to innovate the library into a place that is sufficient for the unique minds that make up our school. This has included time after school on Wednesdays dedicated to preparing and sketching new ideas for a mural and other artistic transformations to be implemented at the start of next year.


    I believe that I am a good candidate for President because I will hold true to my leadership and organization skills. I possess the ability to step up when needed and work through difficult tasks. I take on much responsibility as an individual as well as doing my part while working with others. Being open minded is one of my strong suits along with other essential people skills. My goal is to be actively involved in the planning and execution of school events and activities. The collaboration with others is extremely important in this, and I will work to achieve final decisions that both please the people involved and have the greatest positive outcomes for the entire school. As President, I hope to find new ways for the input and opinions held by the students to be heard. I will strive to break records for Gobbling Up Hunger, show our individuality through the continuous success of Wing Ding, and make the Welcome Back Dance something that all classes will be enthusiastic to participate in. I have seen what it takes to be an officer through family members and close friends, and I am confident in proving that I am capable of effectively filling this position. 


    Student Congress Secretary Candidate

    Taylor Windsor

    Contributing to Kenmore East is very important to me. As far as I have always heard, high school is supposed to be the best four years of your life. I believe that I have made it exactly that due to my involvement in the activities this school has to offer. I have been involved in sports every year so far, which is a great experience in itself. I have also taken advantage of the opportunities I had to participate and help out with other activities. I have helped put together the Class of 2016 homecoming float every year so far. I have also helped out by setting up for Join the Winners and the Junior Prom. I have helped out at Special Olympics the past two year as well which turned out to be a very humbling experience. Aside from these activities, I have also taken part in the volunteer events that are held by the National Honor Society. So far I went to an intergenerational dance and spent time with senior citizens. Over the next year there will be more events to take part in. I am the type of person that is always looking for new ways to help out. Kenmore East is like a second home to all the students and, as for myself, contributing to the school is something I really enjoy.

    I am a good candidate for secretary because of I am responsible and organized. I am effectively able to manage my time and I put all of my effort into my obligations. I am also a nice, approachable person and can interact well with other people. As secretary of Student Congress I will do my best to organize different meetings and events. I will also be in charge of upholding different records and documents. As Secretary, I hope to help out the other officers and work on ways to make events and activities at Kenmore East even better.  

    Ryan Moccio

    Up to this date, my contributions to Kenmore East have been very limited. My involvement in contributing to the betterment of Kenmore East has been minimal. The only things that I have done to contribute to the betterment of the school is providing assistance to peers in academics, as well as participation in two sports teams, as well as becoming captain of one of them. Due to my lack of contribution to Kenmore East, I feel that participation in student congress will provide me with multiple opportunities to become a better student, as well as provide me with multiple opportunities to make Kenmore East a better place. Participation in a position of student congress will allow me to provide serious contribution to important events in Kenmore East.

    The reason why I feel that I am a good candidate for the position of secretary in student congress is because I feel that I am a student who is able to demonstrate effective leadership, as well as I feel that I m a student who works his hardest, especially during moments of a vital situation. If elected, I will provide great contributions to school events, and dedicate time to make Kenmore East a better place, as well as I will make my participation in student congress a priority. I am a student who shows leadership by participating in two sports and being team captain in one of them. As well as leadership, I demonstrate responsibility by taking high level classes as well as maintaining above average grades. I believe that I play a positive role in Kenmore East, and I believe that I will make Kenmore East a better place if I am to be elected. If  I am elected, I wish to make each school event that I participate in organizing an event that appeals to all groups of students, in order to make everyone in the student body feel accepted with one another.  


    Student Congress Treasurer Candidate:

    Erin Lexner