• Extracurricular Eligibility Procedures:

    In order to participate in approved fall extracurricular activities, the student must have earned four (4) academic credits and one for physical education between September and August of the preceding school year.  In addition, after the first five (5) weeks of each marking period and at the end of each marking period (i.e. interim report and report card), a list will be developed containing the names of students who are not passing the required four (4) academic courses of study plus physical education.  This list of students will be distributed to all teachers, advisors and coaches who will, in turn, notify these students that they are ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities based upon their current academic status.  The student will be given up to seven (7) school days to demonstrate that they are passing four (4) academic courses plus physical education.  Students interested in remaining eligible for an extracurricular activity must obtain a Verification of Academic Eligibility form from the school’s main office.