• Mrs. Lilyen Mascellino
    Mrs. Mascellino

    Greetings Holmes Community!

       There is nothing compared to the excitement that comes at the beginning of a new school year.  Teachers, students, parents & yes, even administrators are inspired by the promise that comes with a new start.   This year, I was happy to be back as your Program Supervisor; working at Holmes on Thursdays & Fridays.  It has been a pleasure getting to know our new children & catching up with those who have returned.

       Recently, I have noticed that our students’ summer stories are beginning to fade, as fall ushers in new adventures.   Autumn, with all of its color & bounty - is the perfect time to become a backyard scientist.  Below are some simple ways to inspire your child’s imagination while creating pleasurable moments together that will last a lifetime.  My wish for each of us is that we will take time this year to “fall” in love with learning!  Here’s to a great year.

    With Great Enthusiasm,

    Mrs. Mascellino

    Program Supervisor

    Autumn Activities

    ·    , -Spend time outside to observe the changes in leaves. 
             As they change colors, note how they feel & smell differently.

    ·         -How do the leaves look under a magnifying glass?

    ·         -Collect & compare leaves from different trees: How are they similar/different?

    ·         -Collect & compare seeds from different trees: How are they similar/different?

    ·         -Find a maple leaf seed – or “helicopter”.  How many ways can you & your child   

    ·           find to play with them?

    ·         -Work with your child to see how many different ways  your collection of leaves

    ·           can be sorted.

    ·         -Ask open-ended questions to help your child think creatively or to make

    ·           predictions.

    ·         -Create a list of questions about fall & research the answers together.

    ·         -Visit the library to read up on all things autumn.

    ·         -Make a fall collage with leaves & seeds.

    ·         -Draw a picture using leaf rubbings.

    ·         -Discover which is heavier – an apple or a small squash.

    ·         -Make an apple pie. Discuss the changes that take place in the apple when

    ·           cooked.

    ·         -Create a new dance together entitled: The Falling Leaves.

    ·         -Write a letter to a family member describing all the fun activities you have done

    ·           together this fall!
Last Modified on December 4, 2008