• September 2018

    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Welcome to Kindergarten, Room 101C!  I would like to introduce myself and tell you about our classroom. There are many new things for our students to learn at the beginning of the year!  I spend a lot of time the first few weeks of school teaching routines and procedures.  This helps our classroom run smoothly and eases the important transition to Kindergarten.
    Please empty and check your child’s maroon take home folder daily and return it along with your child’s bus tag.  This folder is our means of communication and will contain important information throughout the year.  Please send all correspondence in this folder.  Your child will put the folder on a tray each morning to be checked. Notes, etc, that are left in your child’s backpack will not be seen.  If your child takes a bus or goes to day care but will be picked up by you on a given day, a note needs to be sent to school.  If your child is absent, please call the school in the morning and send a dated excuse upon your child’s return.  All notes need to have your child’s full name, teacher’s name, date, and room number. 
     Here are a few helpful tips for ordering lunch. This can be very confusing at the beginning of the year for Kindergarten students. Please refer to the school lunch calendar or the district web site, www.ktufsd.org, for breakfast and lunch choices. If your child brings snack money to school, please make sure it’s in a labeled purse or sealed envelope with your child’s full name. Money can be lost.  If possible, send exact change.  Also, it is very helpful to talk with your child before he/she comes to school about what to order!  
     We got outside often, so please dress your child for the weather and in comfortable clothes.  It is best for your child to wear sneakers and socks daily, not only on PE days. 
      I send a monthly class calendar home.  It will include important 101C news for the month.  Be sure to check both sides of the calendar.  The first one will be sent home soon.  Your child can bring in a daily snack and labeled water bottle with a tight fitting lid. In keeping with our district’s wellness policy, we ask you to send in healthy snacks. Fruit, cheese and crackers, muffins, cereal, yogurt, veggies and dip are examples.  Please do not send snacks containing nuts of any kind. Also, if your child has an allergy or can not eat a specific food, it's extremely important that I have this in writing. Please send in all items needed for your child’s snack including napkins, cups, spoons, etc.  Your child’s birthday will be his/her snack day. 

    Refer to the school district calendar for important dates/information.  You will find it on our district web site, www.ktufsd.org Click on Franklin Elementary under “select a school” at the top of the page.  If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please let me know. If you call school and need to leave a message, I will call you back as soon as possible.  I can be reached by email, domalley@ktufsd.org. I am very excited about the year ahead and look forward to working with you. 




Last Modified on June 21, 2018