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    Welcome to the Franklin Elementary Art page.

    Kenmore Town of Tonawanda Art Department Vision Statement

    Within every individual is the innate ability to create. In Kenmore, our art programs foster and celebrate this distinctly human characteristic. We nurture the growth of developing minds by providing opportunities to explore, invent, express, dream, reflect, and communicate in a stimulating environment that fosters critical thinking and celebrates diversity. Our school community values and supports the arts for both their uniqueness and their integral role in education of all children.

    Our art programs provide multiple opportunities for solving, knowing, and understanding as students learn about art and through art. It is through art that students transfer learning across curricular areas, weaving meaning and relevancy to connect all subjects. We acknowledge multiple solutions as students discover, perceive and value their creative self, diverse cultures and their environment.

    Through the development of visual and cultural literacy, our students are prepared to intelligently analyze and interpret their visual world.
    Above all, it is through the arts that we ask questions, ponder unsolved problems, take risks, and seek to understand human experiences both past and present.