Whereas, experiments and hands-on investigations are essential to scientific discovery:


Whereas, unsafe procedures may lead to personal injury and damage to property;


Whereas, safety in the science classroom and laboratory is the responsibility of every student, as well as, the teacher:



I, _________________________________________, hereby vow to do the following:

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A.     Arrive at the laboratory prepared and ready to work in a mature manner;

B.     Await and follow promptly all instructions from the teacher;

C.     Read directions thoroughly before attempting an activity;

D.     Conduct only those activities that are authorized;

E.      Request the teacherís help if I am unsure how to proceed;

F.      Protect eyes, face, hands, and body parts while conducting an activity;

G.     Handle glassware, chemicals, burners, heated substances, electrical equipment, plants, and animals with care;

H.     Remain calm during an emergency;

I.        Promptly notify the teacher of any accident or mishap that occurs.



I have read, fully understand, and agree to comply with all safety guidelines distributed by the teacher.I will also abide by any other safety rules and regulations set forth in the classroom and laboratory.




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