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Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s),


����������� One of the attractions of my Science Classroom will be my collection of pets.I am always in the process of increasing or changing the number or kinds of pets in my classroom.We presently have the following pets in my classroom and then some: gerbils, hamsters, different types of lizards, ferrets, turtle box and aquatic, chinchillas, degus, and snakes like a ball pythons, corn snake and king snakes.To let you feel more at comfort, none of my pets are venomous.


����������� Students may sign up for my Traveling Zoo Home base or Zoo Crew to help take care of these pets, as well as, to learn more about pet care and specifically about these pets.We then put on demonstrations to elementary students via my Traveling Zoo during Home base/STAR time.


����������� Many students in the past have shown an interest in stopping by before going to Primetime to visit the pets or after school.I would also like to let the students handle the snakes and other mentioned pets, as a reward for good behavior.This could be done occasionally before or at the end of a class.Students also like to let pets out to walk around as the class activities are going on.


����������� Even though I have a great record with pets, there is always a possibility that a student may be bitten.I always warn my students of the possibility and they still seem willing to take a chance.I have been doing this since 1996.If you give permission for your son or daughter to handle the animals, please sign the bottom of this slip and return it to myself via your son or daughter as soon as possible.If you have any questions regarding this matter please feel free to call me at Hoover Middle School.I am I room 314, Mr. Spengler.


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����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Thomas J. Spengler

����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Science Teacher


I give permission for my son/daughter to handle the animals in Mr. Spengler�s Science Classroom, room 314.I am aware of the possible risks in handling any type of pets.



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