Challenge/Interact Club

    We meet every 4th Monday in room 327 @2:30

    Here are some of the activities we do during the year.

    *Miracle League Pumpkin Auction-End of Oct., *Please, Stand Up Against Hate/Harassment for all 9th graders- End of Nov., *Purple Pinkie- End of Jan., *Show You Care Carnation Sale-Beginning Feb., *Please, Stand Up Against Bullying for all 10th graders, *Rotary Club Slap Shot Camp- End of April, *Key Bank Park Clean Up- Mid May, *Kiss-A-Senior Goodbye- End of May, *NFJC Sheriffs Camp- Mid Aug. *Sunshine Day at Cradle Beach- Mid Aug. 

    GET CONNECTED: text @7b2c to 716-794-9427 

    If you are interested in participating contact Ms. France  at  dfrance@ktufsd.org

Last Modified on August 9, 2019