• Recommended Reading

    for Grade 5             

    F - Fantasy      HF - Historical Fiction     RF - Realistic Fiction     BIO - Biography
    Bridge to Terabithia (S) 
    Katherine Paterson (A Newbery Award Winner) 128pp. RF
    The life of a ten-year-old boy in Virginia expands when he becomes friends with a newcomer who meets an untimely death trying to reach their hideaway.

    Bull Run (Y)

    Paul Fleischman, 104pp. HF

    The Civil War Battle of Bull Run, told from the perspective of sixteen participants - northern, southern, mail, female, black, and white. (Particularly good for Reader’s Theater)

    Caddie Woodlawn (R)

    Carol Ryrie Brink, (A Newbery Award Winner) 275pp. HF

    A pioneer girl’s adventure on the Wisconsin frontier.

    Dragon’s Gate (W)

    Laurence Yep, (A Newbery Honor Book) HF

    Sailing to California in 1865, fourteen year old Otter leaves China to meet his father and legendary uncle on the transcontinental railroad.

    Ella Enchanted (U)

    Gayle Carson Levine, (A Newbery Honor Book)232pp. F

    A novelisation of Cinderella with many surprising twists. Examines the role of females in traditional fairy tales.

    Family Under the Bridge (R)

    Natalie Savage Carlson, (A Newbery Honor Book) 123pp. RF

    Armand, a Parisian hobo, enjoyed his solitary life until he discovered three homeless children and their working mother had claimed his shelter under the bridge.

    Fig Pudding (S)

    Ralph Fletcher, 136pp. RF

    A collection of stories covering a year in the life of a family, as told by the eldest of six children.

    Guests (T)

    Michael Dorris, 128pp. HF

    Moss, a Native American boy, is frustrated by adult ways and his parents’ puzzling behavior so he enters the forest in search of meaning and discovers an unusual girl and a talking animal, each of whom teach him different aspects about the outside world.

    Holes (V)

    Louise Saker, 240pp. RF/F

    Digging holes under the Texas sun in a dry lake bed infested with rattlesnakes, scorpions, and poisonous yellow-spotted lizards is punishment for Stanley Yelnats. He is wrongly convicted of theft, sentenced to camp Green Lake Juvenile Correctional Facility. Can anything good come of this situation?

    Maniac Magee (V)

    Jerry Spinelli, (A Newbery Award Winner) 192pp. RF/F

    After his parents die, Jeffrey Lionell Magee’s life becomes legendary, as he accomplishes athletic and other feats which awe his contemporaries.

    Night of the Twisters (U)

    Ivy Ruckman, 153pp. RF

    A fictional account of the night freakish and devastating tornadoes hit Grand Island, Nebraska, as experienced by a twelve year old boy, his family and friends.

    Pedro’s Journal: A Voyage with Christopher Columbus (Q)

    Pam Conrad, HF

    Columbus’ journey to the new world told from the perspective of a young cabin boy.

    Pheobe, The Spy (R)

    Judith Berry Griffin, BIO

    Thirteen year old Phoebe, a free black, who, disguised as the housekeeper in the home of an American revolutionary war general, was really a spy whose job was to guard his life.

    Poppy (S)

    Avi, 160pp. F

    A loyal supporter of Mr. Ocax, the hoot owl, who claims to be a mouse protector, timid doormouse, Poppy, is horrified when Ocax kills and eats her fiancé. She decides to prove that the intimidating owl is nothing but a phony.

    Shades of Gray (W)

    Carolyn Reeder, 152pp. HF

    After the Civil War makes an orphan of twelve year old Will he’s forced to leave his city home and live in the Virginia countryside with an uncle who refused to fight for the Confederacy - a man he considers to be a traitor and a coward.

    Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution (T)

    Jean Fritz, NF

    A candid look at the people and events that shaped the U.S. Constitution with illustrations by Tomie De Paola.

    Sign of the Beaver (T)

    Elizabeth George Speare, (A Newbery Honor Book) 135pp. HF

    A young boy in Maine is rescued by an Indian chief and his grandson and must decide whether to spend the winter alone in the woods waiting for his family to return or move on to a new life with his new friends.

    Sing Down the Moon (T)

    Scott O’Dell, (A Newbery Honor Book) 137pp. HF

    The forced migration of Navajos from their homeland is described from the Indian point of view.

    The Cabin Faced West (R)

    Jeane Fritz, 124pp. HF

    Ten year old Ann overcomes loneliness and learns to appreciate the importance of her role in settling the wilderness of western Pennsylvania.

    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (T)

    C.S. Lewis, 206pp. F

    Four children open a magic wardrobe door and fall into another world where a lion is king and a wicked witch threatens the land with eternal winter.

    The Righteous Revenge of Artemis Bonner (U)

    Walter Dean Myers, 144pp. HF

    In 1880 a fifteen year old African American New Yorker journeys to Arizona seeking his uncle’s gold stake and revenge for his uncle’s murder.

    The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (V)

    Avi, (A Newbery Honor Book) 232pp. HF

    Accused and convicted of murder, thirteen year old Charlotte decides to reveal what really happened on the Sea Hawk -- a ship piloted by a tyrannical captain and a mutinous crew during the summer of 1832.

    There’s An Owl in the Shower (Q)

    Jean Craighead George , 134pp. RF

    Because his father has lost his job logging, Borden vows to destroy any spotted owl he sees. Yet when he discovers an owlet lying on the ground, he decides to rescue it. Both Borden and his dad come to realize how important the owl is to the ecosystem.

    Tuck Everlasting (U)

    Natalie Babbitt, 139pp. F

    Mysterious story of the Tuck family; how they drink from a magical spring and suffer the pangs of eternal youth.

    Wringer (U)

    Jerry Spinneli, (A Newbery Honor Book) 228pp. RF

    Palmer dreads his upcoming tenth birthday. In his town, when boys turn ten they become "ringers", the boys who wring the necks of the pigeons at the annual Pigeon Day Shoot. Palmer is sickened by the whole thing. To make matters worse, he’s been hiding a pet pigeon in his bedroom.
    Witch of Blackbird Pond (W)
    Elizabeth George Spear, (A Newbery Award Winner) 223pp. HF
    Kit, a teenage girl, rebels against the narrow-minded ways of Puritan Connecticut and befriends a lonely old woman who is subsequently accused of being a witch. This association leads to an accusation of witchcraft against Kit.

    Yolanda’s Genius (V)

    Carol Fenner, (A Newbery Honor Book) 211pp. RF

    Although her younger brother Andrew is having trouble learning to read in the first grade, Yolanda is convinced that he is a musical genius and sets out to prove it. It’s easy for her to watch out for her little brother, but their mother, a legal professional and widow, is concerned about crime and drugs in her children’s Chicago school. She moves them all to a smaller and, she hopes, safer town.

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