• Tracking and Scanning Skills:

    For the following activities to be effective, it is important to ensure that your child’s eyes are visually following along.

    1. Sidewalk Chalk Game: (materials needed: colored sidewalk chalk, squirt bottle, water) Begin by drawing straight and wavy lines with sidewalk chalk. Then using a squirt bottle filled with water, have your child squirt the water along the drawn lines.
    2. Flashlight Fun: (materials needed: a flashlight, tent or dark room) Have your child visually follow the beam of light as you slowly move it throughout the tent/room.

    3. Shadow Puppet Detectives: (materials needed: paper cutouts of various shapes, a flashlight, tent or dark room) Space several paper cutouts along a straight line against the wall. Have your child follow the line to find and name the shadow puppets.



    4. Mazes: Great for visual tracking!


    5. Word Searches: Reinforce visual movement following a top to bottom, left to right pattern.
    6.   Reading with your Child: Always a good choice!
    7. I Spy and Where’s Waldo Books: Reinforce the top to bottom, left to right pattern.
    8. Puzzles: A fun way to work on figure completion and part to whole skill development.

    9. Mad Libs: An exciting and silly way to work on copying skills. Have your child practice shifting his/her eyes only without whole head movement.


    Have Fun!!!

Last Modified on March 21, 2011